Whether you are thinking about expanding your business in the Verde Valley or relocating your business here, we know that research will be key to your decision-making process.  One of the primary aims of this research is to help you become familiar with the Verde Valley, our businesses, the economic climate, area wages, labor supply, and the mindset of tomorrow’s business owner and traveler. Understanding the economic and travel environment is important, but having a deeper and richer grasp of stakeholder and community desires for product and quality of life, as well as for consumer demand, is critical to retaining a strong economy with diversity and balance.  Please see the adjacent links for current demographic and economic data by state, region and municipality.



Arizona Migration Data Map and Links

Beyond the Bottom Line: The Economic and Social Impact of Arizona Nonprofits

Resources for Nonprofits – Download the toolkit


Kyl Center Water Certainty infographic

Kyl Center Price of Uncertainty Presentation

Kyl Center Price of Uncertainty Report

2009 ASP Economic Summary

Arizona Commerce Authority Research

Arizona Office of Tourism Research

2015 Arizona State of Business Research



Yavapai County Regional Economic Development Plan

Environmental Scan 2018-2019 9-10-18 (1)-1

Yavapai-Apache Nation_Census and Amer Survey

2017 Verde Valley Economy and Labor

OHV Yavapai County Study

Poverty Indicators

Verde Valley Visitor Survey Results 2014-2015 FINAL

VVF Final Report 2004

2016 Yavapai County Economy Overview

2016 Verde Valley Labor Report

2016 Greater Verde Valley Occupation Growth Report

2014-15 Verde Valley Visitor’s Survey

ASU Eller Economic & Business Research Center

NAU Rural Policy Institute (click on projects)


Econ Impact & Lodging Sector_Council handout

Executive Summary Sedona Visitor – Jan-June 2015

RPT Sedona Visitors Comparative Analysis_2002 vs 2016

RPT Sedona Visitors Comparative Analysis_2002 vs 2016 

SLC Lodging & Food Service Study 2015

SLC Lodging wage compensation study 2015

Wine Tourism Arizona-Final_6-30-11



Camp Verde Focused-Future-II-Plan

Clarkdale Focused Future

Cottonwood focus on success

Cottonwood Focus on Success II final

FINAL_GPREP Economic Development Plan_10-10-16

Sedona Community Plan All


2018SedonaEconomyOverview final 4.9.19

Sedona FY18 Mktg Plan_Final

Sedona FY18 Presentation to City of Sedona

2016 Cottonwood Economy Overview

2016 Camp Verde Economy Overview

2015 Sedona Lodging Sector Compensation Report

VVREO Strategic Planning Documents

Verde Valley Economic Development_Community Presentation_8-4-17

Public Coment Timeline and Next Steps

FINAL_VVREO Public Meeting 4-6-18

Public Presentation_Verde Valley Economic Development Plan_3-7-18

In The News – Archive of past news releases

18-01-31_VVREO loanHorsingAroundShamrellVet_EconDev

17-10-13 VVREO Regional Long Range Planning

17-08-01 VVREO Local Loans Boost Two Businesses 10-9-17

17-7-13 Sedona Biz by Spangler Bus Resources

17-02-01 VVREO Appoints New BOD 2017 Version 2

16-06-17 VVREO Press Release Offers Loans to Small Businesses

16-06-23 Sedona Biz RMAP

16-05-06 USDA News Release

16-03-24 VVREO new website press release_2016

16-03-21 VVREO Launches New Website 2016

16-3-18 VVREO Launches New Website

16-2-16 VVREO Apoints New Exec Board

16-02-01 VVREO appoints new bod_2016

15-4-23 Ranch 707 press release final

15-02-01 VVREO Board Appoints New Executive Leadership

12-10-01 pressrelease_revolving loan


Sedona 2017 Sedona

Sedona Economic Development Action Plan Draft

Sedona FY18 EconDev Narrative

Sedona Metro Retail Leakage 0916

Sedona Wanted Analytics Sedona Report 2017

Sedona 16 AZ_Sedona_Database Analysis 2016